VRETTI 4x6 Thermal Shipping Label Printer D463B USB+WIFI

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Color: White
Interface: USB+WIFI
Shipping Location: United States
  1. Effortless Wireless Printing: The VRETTI wireless thermal label printer effortlessly prints 4x6 shipping labels via 2.4GHz WiFi, excluding 5GHz networks, offering seamless compatibility with Windows 11/10/7/XP, MacOS, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Android systems! Before printing, download "Ezlabel" app to obtain IP address.

  2. Universal Compatibility with Direct Thermal Labels: The VRETTI wireless shipping label printer accommodates direct thermal labels ranging from 1" (25.4mm) to 4.5" (115mm) in width, with a maximum print width of 4.25" (108mm), making it ideal for 4x6" shipping labels, warehouse labels, barcodes, ID labels, package labels, mailing labels, and more.

  3. Printing via USB Cable: The VRETTI mailing label printer seamlessly supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems via USB connection. Before installation, ensure the label printer is connected and powered on. If encountering "The application can't be opened" error when installing the MAC driver, navigate to "System Settings" > "Privacy & Security" and click on "Open Anyway."

  4. Multi-Platform Compatibility: This label printer for shipping packages is compatible with various sales and e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, USPS, UPS, Etsy, PayPal, Poshmark, Pirate Ship, Canada Post, and more. (Note: Before printing, download the label from the corresponding platform and upload it to the "Ezlabel" app for printing).

  5. Fast Printing with Clear Thermal Technology: Leveraging advanced Thermal Direct technology, the VRETTI label printer for small businesses delivers rapid printing speeds of up to 72 labels of 4x6 size per minute. Supporting high-speed printing of up to 6IPS, this thermal label printer ensures crisp and easily readable labels with a sharp 203DPI resolution.

Color: White
Interface: USB+WIFI
Shipping Location: United States

 Seamless Printing

The 463B will not jam, and can print at high speed without interruption, with extremely high clarity. You can experience smooth operation and efficient performance to meet all your printing needs.

Fast Connection

1. press the power switch as shown in the left diagram until the blue light flashes, then release. 2.Click 'Network Configuration' and follow the setup guide to successfully connect.

Excellent Compatibility

The 463B can print labels less than 4 inches wide in a variety of shapes, whether roll-fed or fanfold. Easily and accurately meet a variety of printing needs.

  Talk about thermal label printer 4×6  

The 463B Paperless Printer integrates cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, delivering a truly superior printing experience. Seamlessly connect via WiFi from any device – be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – and enjoy effortless printing. Its stylish and portable design ensures perfect integration into any environment, from home offices to corporate settings. The 463B Paperless Printer supports a variety of paper consumables, effortlessly adapting to different paper sizes. Experience the convenience of wireless printing without compromising on quality or reliability. Elevate your printing experience with the 463B Paperless Printer – a perfect blend of efficiency and elegance.