Vretti Mini Thermal Bluetooth Label Maker HP3 With Rechargeable Battery

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Color: Pink
  1. Compact Mini Label Maker: This delightful label maker resembles a palm-sized macaroon, effortlessly fitting into your pocket for ultimate portability. Its smooth surface features a touch-sensitive switch design, allowing for easy operation with just a 3-second press of your finger.

  2. High-Resolution Waterproof Labels: With a remarkable 203 dpi high resolution, this label maker delivers clear and bold printing that can be enlarged for enhanced effect. The labels boast a glossy surface that is waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability without fading over time.

  3. Bluetooth-enabled Label Maker: Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this mini label maker seamlessly connects to the Xeasy Label APP. Explore a vast library of 600+ patterns, 100+ fonts, and borders. We also offer white, solid color, patterned, and clear labels for versatile printing options.

  4. User-Friendly Label Printer: Even for those not tech-savvy, customizing labels is a breeze with just 3 simple steps. Create personalized labels for home organization (such as spice jars or room items), office document classification, small business needs (including barcodes or return addresses), or school supplies for kids.

  5. Perfect Gift Selection: With its adorable design and a wide selection of label tapes available, this label maker machine with tape makes an excellent gift choice for friends and family on various occasions like New Year, Valentine's Day, Children's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

Shipping Location: US
Color: Pink

Palm Size

HP3 delivers crisp printing with support for both gap and continuous paper, ensuring you can print as much as you need to meet your volume requirements.

Talk about HP3 thermal label printer

The handheld masterpiece, HP3, supports both gap and continuous paper seamlessly. Whether you require printing concise labels or endless slogans, this printer is perfectly equipped to meet your needs. Its multifunctionality allows you the freedom to print as you desire, ensuring every piece of information and project is presented with clarity and precision.