Vretti Inkless Thermal Printer HP2 Bluetooth---A Good Helper for Storage

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Color: White
Interface: USB+Bluetooth
Shipping location: US
  1. Compact and Intelligent Design: This portable label maker stands out with its compact and intelligent design, offering a smaller and smarter alternative to traditional label makers. Its compact and charming design allows you to conveniently carry it in your pocket, ensuring you can print labels and stickers anytime, anywhere.

  2. Bluetooth Connectivity & User-Friendly Operation: Experience wireless printing with this mini Bluetooth label printer. Simply download the free app and unleash your creativity to craft custom labels effortlessly. The app boasts over 60+ fonts, 12+ languages, and 400+ borders, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. (Please note: This label maker is not compatible with computers and tablets.)

  3. Diverse Creative Templates & Perfect Christmas Gift: The accompanying app offers an array of free templates encompassing texts, tables, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, images, time stamps, Excel inserts, and more. With label sizes ranging from 0.5 inches to 0.6 inches, crafting various cute and practical label stickers from your phone is a breeze. Each package includes 14x40mm white label paper. Consider gifting one to your friends or family for Christmas, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities!

  4. Versatile Applications & Ideal for Thanksgiving Decorations: These label maker machines find extensive utility in organizing home supplies, classifying cosmetic items, labeling price tags for jewelry, jar stickers, as well as categorizing school and office files. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for labeling Thanksgiving decorations, adding a touch of charm to your festive arrangements!

  5. High-Quality Printing: Equipped with a Japanese thermal print head and boasting 203 DPI resolution, this handheld label maker ensures fast and clear printing. Moreover, it prints inklessly and is rechargeable, featuring a 2000mAh battery life, thereby saving both time and money.

Color: White
Interface: USB+Bluetooth
Shipping location: US

 Clear Distinction  

HP2 label paper on the left features a chip for automatic size recognition, exclusively compatible with HP2. On the right, standard label paper for HP3 and HP4, offering versatility with both sides adhesive-free.

Tips for good things

HP2 Label Printer simplifies labeling with speed and clarity. Streamline your workflow with precise, easy-to-read labels every time.

Talk about HP2 thermal label printer

HP2 label paper with chip automatically adjusts paper size when using HP2, ensuring labels are small and clear, ideal for organizational work.This feature enhances efficiency and convenience, making it perfect for storage and labeling tasks. Experience seamless functionality with HP2, where precision meets ease-of-use. Whether you're organizing files or creating neat labels, HP2 delivers unmatched performance and clarity, simplifying your daily tasks with innovative technology. Elevate your organizational efficiency with HP2—the perfect companion for streamlined operations.